Best Of WordPress Black Friday Deals 2014

ManageWPWeManageWP ManageWPknow this is a little last-minute, but we feel you will need to know these some of these WordPress Black Friday deals as they only come once a year. Some of them comes once in a lifetime, never to ever come again; that is why you might be keen to grab some of them as soon as possible.

Why WordPress Black Friday Deals?

WordPress continues to show a growing adoption among websites worldwide. Right now, WordPress powers about 170 million websites around the world (24% of all Websites & 50% of all CMS), so any deal that is good for WordPress is a significant. Before we continue, let us make it clear that some of these deals will be only for today (as in US time, which ends at Saturday 12 noon for Malaysians in Kuala Lumpur), while some ends on Monday. Also, some of these deals might have an affiliate link inside, which helps us pay off bills and others, though we make sure to only recommend deals that we ourselves would purchase for our own websites.

The Comprehensive List of Black Friday Deals for WordPress

We trawled the web and our emails in order to compile a comprehensive list of WordPress based Black Friday Deals. While some are already mentioned in prominent WordPress blogs, others have not seen the light. As such, we at TechGarage, take the liberty to present to you our Black Friday List. Do note that we will talk about the best of these Black Friday Deals after the list.

NameTypeLifetimeOriginal PriceDiscountCoupon Code
aMember ProPluginNo$179.9520% OffBLACKFRIDAY
Affiliate RoyalPluginNo$85 - 1 Site
$132 - Unlimited Sites
20% Off-
AffiliateWPPluginYes$49 - Single Site
$99 - 3 Sites
$199 - Unlimited Sites
$449 - Unlimited Sites Lifetime
40% OffCYBERM2014
Author hReviewPluginYesVariable20% OffBlackFriday2014
Beaver BuilderPluginNo$99 onwards25% OffHAPPYHOLIDAYS
ConductorPluginNo$97 - Bloggers
$199 - Power Users
$497 - Developers
50% OffHOLIDAY2014
CSS HeroPluginNo$29 - Single Site
$59 - 5 Sites
$199 - 999 Sites
60% Off
Design Palette ProPluginNo$49 to $199$10 OffDPPHOLIDAY
Dev7studiosPluginNo$29 - 1 Site
$49 - 5 Sites
$99 - Unlimited Sites
$199 - Membership
33% OffBLCK14
Easy Digital DownloadsPluginNoVariable30% OffCYBERM2014
Easy Opt-insPluginNo$29 - 1 Site
$49 - 5 Sites
$89 - Unlimited Sites
30% Off30PERCENT
Easy Pricing TablesPluginNo$29 - 1 Site
$49 - 5 Sites
$99 - Unlimited Sites
35% Off35PERCENT
Envira GalleryPluginYes$19 - Single Site
$49 - 3 Sites
$99 - Unlimited Sites
$249 - Unlimited Lifetime
35% OffBF2014
Event EspressoPluginNoVariable50% Off
FooPluginsPluginNoVariable50% OffCYBERFOO14
Gravity FormsPluginNo$39 - Single Site
$99 - 3 Sites
$199 - Unlimited Sites
25% Offwpbeginner
itthinx PluginNoVariable25% OffBLK14
JigoshopPluginNoVariable50% Offhappy_thanksgiving
KingSumo GiveawaysPluginYes$198 - Single Site
$594 - Unlimited Sites
75% Off-
MemberPressPluginNo$99 - 1 Site
$199 - Unlimited Sites
20% Off
MetaSliderPluginYes$19 - Single Site
$39 - 5 Sites
$99 - Unlimited Sites Lifetime
MotoPressPluginNo$29 - Single Site
$79 - 5 Sites
$139 - Unlimited Sites
NextGenPluginNo$49 - Plus
$99 - Pro
40% Off-
OptinMonsterPluginYes$49 - Single Site
$99 - 3 Sites
$199 - Unlimited Sites
$499 - Unlimited Lifetime
35% OffBF2014
Post Affiliate ProPluginNo$199 onwards28% OffBF-45K2D47E7F
Pretty Link ProPluginYes$37 - 1 Site
$97 - Unlimited Sites
20% Off
PushMonkeyPlugin & ServiceNo$15/month for 100k notifications93% Off-
Related Posts for WPPluginNo$29 - Single Site
$59 - 5 Sites
$129 - 20 Sites
30% OffBF2014
Restrict Content Pro (Pippin's Plugins)PluginNoVariable40% OffCYBERM2014
s2 Member ProPluginYes$69 - Single Site
$129 - Unlimited Sites
40% OffBLACK40
SeedProdPluginYes$29 - 1 site
$49 - 5 Sites
$99 - Unlimited Sites
$249 - Lifetime
$40 Off Unlimited Sites
$100 Off Lifetime
Simple Page TesterPluginYes$199 (now going for $59)30% OffBF2014
Soliloquy SliderPluginYes$19 - Single Site
$49 - 3 Sites
$99 - Unlimited Sites
$249 - Unlimited Sites Lifetime
35% OffBF2014
ThirstyAffiliatesPluginYes$29 to $4930% OffCRAZYHOLIDAY30
Tyche SoftwaresPluginNoVariable40% OffCYBERM2014
UpdraftPlus PremiumPluginNo$70 - 2 Sites
$95 - 10 Sites
$145 - Unlimited Sites
WooCommercePluginNoVariable25% Off onwards
WP CoursewarePluginNo$99 - 2 Sites
$125 - 10 Sites
$175 - 25 Sites
WP ecommercePluginNoVariable40% OffTHANKSGIVING
WP Email Capture PremiumPluginYes$4930% OffBF2014
WP Migrate DB ProPluginNo$90 to $45020% OffBFCM2014
WP RocketPluginNo$39 - Single Site
$99 - 3 Sites
$199 - Unlimited Sites
35% OffTURKEY0135
WP RSS AggregatorPluginNoVariable25% OffBLACKFRIDAY2014
YoastPluginNo$178 - Premium Pack
$1167 - Pimp My Site Bundle
$49 Off - Premium Pack
$168 Off - Bundle
BuzzBundleSoftwareNo$24965% Off
CMS CommanderSoftwareNoVariable30% OffBF14
InfiniteWPSoftwareNo$49 onwards30% Offthanks30
ManageWPSoftwareNoVariable20% Off
AesopThemes & PluginsNoVariable50% OffBLACKFRIDAY
Angie MakesThemesYes$70 - Single theme30% OffCYBERSALE
AppThemesThemesNo$99 to $34930% Off-
ArrayThemesNo$69 - Single theme
$199 - All themes
bluchicThemesYes$79 - Single theme30% OffBC14THX
ColorlabsThemes & PluginsDepends on PlanVariable50% OffTHANKSGIVING50
CPOThemesThemesNo$49 - Single theme
$119 - Theme Club
CSSIgniterThemesNo$39 - Single theme
$49 - All themes
$79 - Developer
Cubic ThemesThemesDepends on Plan$29 to 49 - Single theme, Single site
$59 to 79 - Single theme, Unlimited sites
$169 and $69/year - All themes
CyberChimpsThemes & PluginsDepends on PlanVariable50% Offblckfricybrmon14
DesignModoThemesYesVariable70% OffBLACK
Elegant ThemesThemes & PluginsYes$69 - Personal
$89 - Developer
$249 - Lifetime
20% Off
Engine ThemesThemesNoVariable35% OffET-THANKS
Envye ThemesThemesYes$52 - Single theme52% Off
FamethemesThemesYes$49 - Single theme with lifetime updates
$129/yearly - All themes
FloThemesThemesYes$220 - 1 Site30% OffTHANKSGIVING30
Frogs ThemesThemesNo$49 - Single theme50% Offblackfri2014
GabFire ThemesThemesYes$59 - Standard Pack
$179 - Developer's Pack
40% OffBLACK
GavickProThemesYes€39 - Personal
€49 - Business
€99 - Lifetime
€129 - Developer
15% to 30% OffPersonal - BFCM-15
Business - BFCM-20
Lifetime - BFCM-25
Developer - BFCM-30
GeothemeThemesNoVariable40% Off
Gorilla ThemesThemesYes$49.95 to $149.9540% Off-
Graph Paper PressThemesNo$79 - Single theme
$129 - All themes
$399 - All themes & plugins
35% OffBFCM2014
GridGumThemesYes$30 to $4925% OffBLACKFR25
Headway ThemesThemeNo$59 - Single Site
$99 - 3 Sites
$199 - Unlimited Sites
35% Offthanks35
IdeaBox ThemesThemesYes$199 - All themes lifetime70% Off
iThemes ToolkitThemes, Plugins & OthersNo$59040% OffLASTCHANCE40
Magazine3ThemesVariable$59 - Single theme
$249 - Membership
40% Off Single Themes
10% Off - Membership
theme - BIGDISCOUNT2014
membership - MEMBERSHIP10OFF
MintThemesThemesYes$79 - Single theme
$169 - All themes
50% OffBlackFriday
MyThemeShopThemes & PluginsYesVariable91% Off-
Obox ThemesThemesYes$79 - Single theme
$299 - All themes
65% Offblkfrdyatp - All themes
blkfrdysgl - Single theme
Olket ThemesThemesYes$45 - Single theme50% Off
Organized ThemesThemesNo$12954% Off
PeadigThemes & PluginsNoVariable40% Offblackfriday40
PhotoCratiThemesNo$89 - Single theme50% Off-
restored316designsThemesYes$50 - Single theme25% Offr3dthx14
RichWPThemesYes$69.95 - Single theme
$297 - All themes
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
ShowThemesThemesNo$89 - Single theme
$119 - Single theme with ticketed support
Free SupportFS20
SiteMileThemesYes$199 to $47935% OffCUPBLACK35
Slocum ThemesThemesNo$39 - 1 Site 1 Theme
$69 - 5 Sites 1 Theme
$99 - Unlimited Sites 1 Theme
$69 - 7 Themes 7 Sites
$179 - 7 Themes Unlimited Sites
SoloStreamThemesYes$39 - Single theme
$89 + $9/mo - Membership
$279 - Lifetime
40% Off43F9725A
Template MonsterThemesYesVariable50% OffTURKEY
TemplaticThemesNo$29 - Single Site
$79 - 5 Sites
$299 - All Sites
50% Off - Buy 1 Get 1 Free-
TeslaThemesThemesYes$345 - All themes Lifetime
$39 - Single theme
$49/year - All themes yearly
50% OffWeekendsale14
Theme FurnaceThemesYes$49 - Theme Club
$99 - Developer
$199 - Lifetime
Theme JunkieThemesYes$49 - Single theme
$199 - All themes
50% OffBLACK2014
Theme Of The CropThemes & PluginsNo$59 - Single theme50% OffBLACKFRIDAY
Themes KingdomThemesYes$25 - Single theme
$97 - All themes
$247 - Lifetime
ThemifyThemes & PluginsNo$49 - Single theme
$69 - Single developer theme
$79 - All themes
$139 - All themes and plugins
ThemedyThemesYes$99 - Personal
$159 - Developer
$299 - Lifetime
$20 Off Personal
$20 Off Developer
$110 Off Lifetime
ThemefuseThemesDepends on Plan$45 - Single theme
$85 - Developer Single theme
$195/year - All themes
ThemeIsleThemes & PluginsNo$37 - Single theme
$49 - All themes
$95 - All themes and plugins
ThemejugThemesYes$59 - Single theme50% Offtjblackfriday
ThemeLeadThemesYes$45.9 per site40% Offbf2014
ThemeShiftThemesYes€39 - Single theme50% OffTS-BF-2014
ThemetrustThemes & PluginsYes$5930% Offblackfriday
Tiny Giant StudiosThemes & PluginsYesVariable30% OffBLACK-FRIDAY-30
TokokooThemesNo$79 - Single theme
$99 - All themes
$149 - Developer
60% Off Single Themes
30% Off Membership
tokokoo60 - Single Theme
membership30 - Membership
Ultimatum ThemeThemeYes$65 onwards35% OffTHANKS2014
Web Savvy MarketingThemesYes$59.95 - Single theme
$399.95 - All themes
20% OffGOBBLE14
wpCasaThemes & PluginsYes€59 - Framework
€69 - Developer
30% Offblackfriday30
WPEkaThemes & PluginsNo$197/year50% OffWPEKABF2014
WP ZoomThemesNo$75 onwards35% OffBLACK2014
ZigZagPressThemesYes$49 - Single theme
$149 - All themes
$349 - Lifetime
20% Offblkfriday2014
A Small OrangeHostingNoVariableCloud VPS - 2X RAM and 2X SSD
CloudWaysHostingNoVariable$20 creditHOLIDAY
FlyWheelHostingNoVariable50% Off Annual Plans
KinstaHostingNo$27 - 1 Site
$57 - 5 Sites
$97 - 10 Sites
$157 - 20 Sites
$387 - 50 Sites
$1470 - 100 Sites
50% Off
SiteGroundHostingNoVariable70% Off
WP EngineHostingNoVariableFREE 4 MonthsCyberHosting14

Best Black Friday Deals

Before we start, let us say that lifetime licenses are great as they help you to reduce costs over long term. However, we understand that some developers prefer to have yearly renewals in order to be sustainable and that is fine with us. However, if you are able to find a lifetime license (which is usually priced around three to four times the annual price of a plugin), but yet get it at a significant discount, you have a great deal there.

Best Black Friday Deals On Plugins

1) Kingsumo Giveaways *Sold Out*

blackfriday 2014 kingsumo
One of the best deals for a WordPress site, Kingdom Giveaways is going for 75% off. Buffer even used Kingsumo Giveaways for their site.

If you plan to do a fancy giveaway and build your mailing list, you better grab the Kingsumo Giveaway fast. Previously, before Kingsumo, we only had RaffelCopter and other subscription based platforms to launch our campaigns. But Noah Kagan and the Appsumo team have brilliantly came up with Giveaways, which comes with a one time cost.

Now, while the usual price for a single site (USD 198 lifetime) and unlimited sites (USD 594 lifetime) would cost much lower than RaffelCopter, Appsumo decided to go crazy this BlackFriday and give us Giveaways at 75% off! The deal will expire in less than 12 hours, so be sure to grab it soon!

For comparison purposes, RaffleCopter starts free, but if you need more options, it goes up to USD 245 per month. Even if this deal expires, it is still a better deal than RaffleCopter in the long run.

Discount : 75%
Coupon : Not needed
Ending : In less than 24 hours
Type : Lead Generation, Viral Social Plugin
Similar : RaffleCopter


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

2) AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is the most advanced affiliate plugin for WordPress

I didn’t know that AffiliateWP had recently launched a lifetime license as Pippin has never done so before. AffiliateWP is the most polished Affiliate plugin if you run a WordPress based ecommerce store. It integrates well with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and iThemes Exchange among others.

AffiliateWP features some ground breaking features, such as:

  • Lifetime Commissions – The Lifetime Commissions add-on links a customer to an affiliate, allowing the linked affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer.
  • Tiered Referrals - Tiered Affiliate Rates will allow you to reward your affiliates with higher commission rates the more they earn and/or the more successful referrals they generate.
  • Recurring Referrals allows you to record affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an affiliate.

Best of all, while the normal developer license is priced at USD 199, with the 40% discount for Black Friday, the Lifetime license goes from USD 449 to only USD 269.40.  I will personally buy this for TechGarage, so do get it before the deal runs out. Remember to key in the coupon code, “CYBERM2014″ at checkout.

Discount : 40%
Coupon : CYBERM2014
Type : Affiliate Marketing
Similar : Affiliate Royal, Magic Affiliates, Affiliates Pro by itthinx


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

3) OptinMonster

optinmonster banner

We recently reviewed OptinMonster and a few other leading Opt-in forms plugin, and we found OptinMonster towering above its competitors in terms of features and presentation. With OptinMonster, you would be able to cut down on having multiple plugins, while ensuring your lead generation is well taken care of.

OptinMonster’s quality and popularity has seen it used on many major WordPress publications. The price of OptinMonster has steadily increased, and we believe that it will continue increasing as Thomas and Syed adds more features to it. As such, any deal which gives you a significant discount for this plugin is worth it.

Having said that, OptinMonster’s lifetime license usually goes for a cool USD 499. However, with Christmas around the corner, Thomas and Syed decided to be Santa and give us a 35% off!  Do grab OptinMonster at USD 324 before the deal goes off again.

Discount : 35%
Coupon : BF2014
Type : Lead Generation, Optin Form
Similar : Ninja Popups, Hybrid Connect


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

4) Author hReview

If you are planning to write reviews, you would need a proper plugin for reviews or code them yourself. Otherwise, you will miss out on the Schema coding, which helps search engines like Yandex, Yahoo and Google to understand you. We have tested all the available plugins with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, and we found Hesham Zebida’s Author hReview the best.

Again, the lifetime license does not come cheap, but it is worth it, especially with the 20% off. We bought ours at full price and found Author hReview as the best out there. Do not hesitate much longer as this deal doesn’t come often.

Discount : 20%
Coupon : BlackFriday2014
Type : Review Engine
Similar : Taqyeem Review Plugin, WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

5) ThirstyAffiliates


ThirstyAffiliates is the best and most advanced link management tool out there, especially if you are into affiliate marketing or if you have a bunch of links you would need to link on a regular basis. Instead of keying them in manually, or painstakingly generate links, Thirsty Affiliates enables you to have beautiful links.

With ThirstyAffiliates, you can easily manage your Amazon and iTunes affiliate links. The iTunes affiliate links capability is new and a testament to how far Thirty Affiliates have matured.  I’ve personally bought most of the extensions, as they help improve my workflow and productivity.

While ThirstyAffiliates still gives you unlimited, lifetime licenses, the various extensions could get expensive really fast for someone on a budget. However, Josh decided to come up with not just a 30% discount, but also bundles that will save you up to AUD 78. These discounts will expire really soon, so be sure to grab them before they end.

Discount : 30%
Type : Link Management & Cloaking
Similar : Pretty Link Pro


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6) WP Rocket


WP Rocket blazed through the WordPress community and became popular because they made optimising your WordPress installation easy. Before using WP Rocket, we were on W3 Total Cache and had to fiddle with the various configurations. However, our performance on GTMetrics and Pingdom wasn’t very good. With WP Rocket however, our site began to perform well.

WP Rocket is easy to configure and comes with a 30 days guarantee. This Black Friday, it is going for a very affordable 35% off, which makes the license for a single site to be only USD 25.35. Dang, if only they had that discount when we were purchasing. 🙂

Nevertheless, you better grab the deal before it ends.

Discount : 35%
Coupon : TURKEY0135
Ending : In less than 24 hours
Type : Optimises WordPress Performance
Similar : W3 Total Cache


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

7) Envira Gallery


If you have been looking for the best gallery plugin for your WordPress site, Envira comes close to that. Coded to load fast and without the hassle of other plugins, Envira has been out of reach for some of us due to its cool price for lifetime licenses. However, with 35% off, the lifetime license suddenly drops to an affordable USD 161.85. That is about two years on the Gold Gallery.

WP Mayor summed it up well with their summary below:

“Bigger” plugins may give you what you need in one big package, but if you just need the essentials, this is the plugin for you. Sometimes you don’t want to sail on a cruiseship, and you just want a speedboat. Envira is that speedboat. It gets you exactly where you want to be, fast and in style.

Discount : 35%
Coupon : BF2014
Type : Gallery
Similar : NextGen Gallery


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Best Black Friday Deals On Themes

1) MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop was a relative unknown among mainstream WordPress publications until recently, when it was revealed that ViralNova, the immensely popular site, was using a theme from them. I’ve purchased themes from MyThemeShop and I found them reliable and very affordable. They also optimised their themes for speed, SEO, social sharing and Google Adsense, which would save you a lot of time and money if you were to do it yourself.

For this Black Friday, MyThemeShop’s themes and plugins are going for a very affordable USD 9 per item. That makes it 91% off the usual price of USD 49, falling just short of being crowned our top deal in terms of discount value.

Discount : 91%
Type : Themes


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

2) OboxThemes

obox themes

OboxThemes is well known for their affordable and beautiful WooCommerce themes. Being one of the early developers for WooCommerce themes, themes from Obox looks great out of the box. This Black Friday, Obox is giving a massive 65% discount over their themes. This makes their lifetime package to be an affordable USD99 only!

Do grab yourself a copy if you plan to be with WooCommerce for some time.

Discount : 65%
Type : Beautiful WooCommerce Themes


[button link=””]More Details[/button]

3) TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes, is one of those few rare theme developers who still offer lifetime, other than Elegantthemes. They make of beautiful, clean and edgy flat themes, and are offering a rare 50% off all plans. Grab it soon before it expires.

Discount : 50%
Type : Themes


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4) Themedy

themedy banner

If you have been looking for a Genesis based WooCommerce theme, look no further than Themedy. Themedy themes are based on the powerful Genesis framework, which is well known for its lean code, speed, simplicity, security and flexibility. Genesis is a product of Studiopress.

For this year’s Black Friday Deals, Themedy’s Lifetime Plan gets a massive $110 off, which helps you save in the long run. If you wanted alternative Genesis Child Themes, the Lifetime Plan would be something you should consider grabbing before CyberMonday is over.

Discount : USD 20 Off for the Personal and Developer Plans, USD 110 Off for the Lifetime Plan
Coupon : Not needed
Type : Genesis Child Themes
Similar : StudioPress, Web Savvy Marketing, zigzagpress, restored316designs


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Best Black Friday Deals For WordPress : Conclusion

Black Friday is a great time to grab mind-blowing deals and discounts at a great price. If you need to choose, grab the deals that we have outlined above as they can easily help you launch your blogging career or online store. We will continue to expand upon this article as we come across and evaluate the deals listed and new deals.

Got an idea? =) Drop us your thought here

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