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We are Back In Business

ManageWPMerryManageWP ManageWPChristmas! We are finally back in business. Not so much as an online store, but as a blog. You see, for the longest time ever, I wanted to build a website that could deliver relevant content to my visitors as well as have a degree of interactivity with our customers. So I bought multiple …

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We Just Switched From TechGarage To DigitalDestiny!

ManageWPIfManageWP ManageWPyou’ve come here by clicking on some Google search results and was wondering why we’re DigitalDestiny instead of TechGarage, you’re not in the wrong place. We’ve actually changed names from TechGarage.my to DigitalDestiny.co. There’s still a lot of things to do in our migration, but you can be sure we’re working on it. But …

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Happy Chinese New Year!

ManageWPWeManageWP ManageWPhere at TechGarage would like to wish all our readers, customers and suppliers a very blessed Chinese New Year! Amidst many happenings in Malaysia including price hikes and the upcoming by-election, we like to say that the year of the Horse will definitely be a year of significance for Malaysia. We believe many business …

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The start of Combo Packs!

ManageWPBlessedManageWP ManageWPnew year to you! Today marks the day we here at TechGarage are launching… (drumroll)…. Combo Packs! What is Combo Packs and why, you might ask? Well, read on to find out more about our awesome Combo Pack details.

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